About Us

Saved the Serve

Our Story

We are a multicultural Church in Perth.

We are a very passionate,vibrant and Spirit filled people who believe in embracing others with love, respect and compassion of God through Jesus Christ. We absolutely believe that there is good and potential in every person we meet.

Our Vision

To empower and equip every believer to SERVE in the church and to grow in their individual callings and gifts

Our Mission

Our (7 E’s) reflect who we already are and who we continually aspire to be:


God the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit


all believers


Godly marriages and families


The next generation


Strong community relationships


Evil spirits and set people free


Full with the Body of Christ

Our Values

Our Values

1. Prayer

We are real before people and true towards God.

Our Values

2. Partnerships

Humility attracts the favour of God.

Our Values

3. People

People are the core and the heart of the Church.

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