Women’s Ministry

Internationally Spiritually Empowered Women's Ministry

Our Vision

Every woman to be spiritually empowered through encouragement, teachings, finding inspiration and leading and influencing spiritual callings.

Why we need such a vision

  • To learn to address the spiritual issue
  • To create an environment for women to share freely
  • To promote women to talk, be natural and to be themselves
  • For women to empower others

What is empowerment?
Mark 16:15

  • To give someone authority or power to do something, to entitle, to permit, to delegate, to qualify and to entrust someone on the behalf of someone else.
  • We are empowered in the spirit to bring change to the world
  • To make some stronger and more confident in controlling their lives and claiming their rights

Why is it important to be spiritually empowered?

  • To serve the world
  • To live a victorious life
  • Priest: To minister to God – Servants: To exercise order in our kingdom
  • To show his excellence 
  • To be spiritually sensitive
  • For women to have control in the spirit to effect their physical realm

How does one become spiritually empowered?

  • By associating with others
  • By being spiritually baptized
  • By studying the word of God
  • By praying to God 

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