If we are to be known in community, formed in Christ, and a blessing to the city; it’s vital that we gather beyond Sunday


At Jesus The Centre Ministries, we believe group life is essential. If we are to be known in community, formed in Christ, and a blessing to the city; it’s vital that we gather beyond Sunday. Our approach to group life is non-prescriptive. We encourage small groups, demographical groups, long-term groups, short-term groups and everything in between. Most of our groups meet weekly or fortnightly across Perth. You can find a group based on people in your location, with similar life stages or interests.

Our capacity to create safe and sacred space, is tied to our Group Leaders. We always have people wanting to connect into groups, but we often have limited willing people to lead those groups. If you’re interested in starting a new group, please contact us at

A Different Group for Everyone

Connect Groups are our consistent long-term gatherings. They allow our church to share the journey of life together on a regular basis. Our Connect Groups create space for us to eat, pray, connect and engage in meaningful conversations.

Most Connect Groups meet fortnightly on an ongoing basis; and gather locally across the city.

Formation Groups are short-term groups designed for discipleship and growth, or any group that is shaped around a particular formational practice. Our Formation Groups meet regularly for a pre-arranged window of time (some being 4-8 weeks, others on a continuing basis).

You’ll find Formation groups meeting during the week at the Jesus The Centre Ministries, as well as in public venues (pubs, cafes, libraries), and homes across the city.

Formation groups often utilise external discipleship material that has been selected and recommended by the ministry team at Jesus The Centre Ministries.

Community Groups bring like-minded people together around a shared stage of life, culture, passion or hobby.

As a large community, finding people who are like you, or like what you like, can be challenging. Our community groups are designed in order that we might be known in community and have fun together. Our Community Groups meet with varying frequency and at various times.


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